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 Classes: Protectors

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PostSubject: Classes: Protectors   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:28 pm

Weapons of choice: Hammers and sometimes, Shields.

Stonemen, created from the ancient stone from which their name derives, have a monolithic fortitude which can withstand nearly any blow. Their bravery and fearlessness are legendary, shielding their allies from vicious attacks by taking it themselves. As the Stonemen became renowned for their exploits, they were referred to as Protectors. This is a fitting name for them, for with the strength of stone, they protect those with lesser armor.

Since the time when the chief of the Stonemen, L'ygch, the Fearless Heart, helped Hossinger Apelio defeat Assaya, the Protector class became known as the foundation for any real group going into battle. Their rock-hard determination and immense fortitude ensures a group shall never fear defeat as long as their Protector stands.


Heavy Strike - Basic skill. Deals 100% basic damage with additional bonus damage. Every point of "Rage" increase 1% more bonus damage.

Concentration of Will - This is a rather messy skill. Increases critical, increases hatred dealt (makes enemies attack you) when using skills. When attacked under this buff, character will have a chance to receive "Rage" points. "Rage" points can increase attack damage and hatred value.

Raging Strength - Earth element skill. Deals a certain basic damage to target with additional bonus damage. Uses up all "Rage" points, chance to stun target for 3 seconds. The more "Rage" point released, the more chance of stunning target and increase critical rate.

Protective Strike - Light element skill. Deals a certain basic damage to target with additional bonus damage. Gains some "Rage" points. Increases self defense, decreases attack. When under attack when using this skill, there is a chance to gain more "Rage" points, hence increasing more defense.

Healing Halo - Increases party members' healing effects. When hit, there is a chance for recovery. When not in battle, increase rate of heal point recovery. Only 1 halo can be activated at any time.

Taunt - Causes target to increase hatred and attack your character. If target is of lower level than character, the success rate is 100%. Success rate will decrease as the target's level is higher than character's. Also causes target not being able to go into stealth mode for a short time. For every "Rage" point, critical rate for "Taunt" increases and cool-down decreases.

Stone Guardian's Protection - Invincible, decreases attack, negates all damage and attack.

Strength Protection - Increases party's defense, character has a chance to gain "Rage" points when attacked.

Strong Shield - Passive skill. Increases defense.

Earth Crack - Earth element skill. Deals 100% basic damage with bonus additional damage. Causes "Stun" in a small area.

Strong Will - Passive skill. Increases health point.

Nature's Halo - Increases party's Wind and Earth resistance. Only 1 halo can be activated at any time.

Flaming Ice Halo - Increases party's Fire and Water resistance. Only 1 halo can be activated at any time.

Pure Halo - Increases party's Light and Dark resistance. Only 1 halo can be activated at any time.

Mass Taunt - Area of Effect taunt skill, cancels away enemies' stealth status.


Forsaken World Protector Talent

Protector functions as a "tank" in the game not only because of its huge figure but also because of its heavy armor and the abilities to absorb intensive attacks. Except for some of the common characteristics that shared by many MMOs, the "tank" class in Forsaken World has its special features.

Protector only available for the race of Stonemen (it's also the only class for Stonemen). He's nine feet tall, carry hammers the size of people, and are regularly seen carrying dwarves on their shoulders. He keeps the enemies' attention focused entirely on him by using aggro-generating attacks and shouting. One of unique abilities for a Protector is Fury. Fury point gradually accumulates as the Protector keeps on fighting, and it enhances many of the Protector's skills. For example the Protector can consume Fury points to increase the attack of its Heavy Strike by 1%. A good Protector knows how to use his Fury points wisely

What you should know:

* All class skills are acquirable from the skill NPC, paid with in-game currency.
* There is a class specific taunt skill
* One FREE talent reset is available in the level 20 Gift Package

Talents are the main factors that differs one player to another player; as far as I know, talents will not determine how well one tanks but should be decided on what suits one's play style. That said, choosing one talent over another will not weaken or make the player tank less effectively. Talents is best explained as a skill enhancement system (even though all path will grant new skills) and they are to be leveled and each skill has a max level. Beside the beginning two skills, each skill will require you to spend a certain amount of Talent Points into that path before acquiring the new skill. Since all class skills are attainable, talents are used only for the player's play-style benefit, i.e. in a boss room do you want to attack bosses and mobs more effectively without giving up your defense; would you focus on keeping only the most dangerous on you and relying on your group to take care of the rest; or do you prefer controlling all mobs to make sure your team mates attacks are focused in one place?

Diamond (Outer Crust) Path
The path of those who seek strength, whether to protect or destroy; this path offers offensive and defensive abilities to crush enemies. This path's must notable attribute is the many ways to stun opponent(s). (Primary Earth Elemental Attribute)

* Those of Diamond focus on improving their self-buffs and their offensive abilities.
* The so-far single-Protector-class-specific AoE skill, Earth Rift, gains reduce cooldown and a chance to stun enemies; in short more AoE stun spam
* Protector's invincibility skill gains increased time and increases attacks as oppose to decreases when used.
* An additional attack skill at level 35 with only 5 seconds cooldown and heavy damage "Code of fury"
* An additional buff at level 55 that will deal damage to all those who attack the protect with a chance of stunning the target.

Granite (Shine) Path:
A Protector's life lies within his allies, and their lives in the Protectors; those who walk this path are welcome by all into their group. Most notable attribute is many buffs and auras focused to assist and protect the group. (Primary Light Elemental Attribute)

* All party buffs of the Protector's class will gain additional effect as well as certain self-buffs will effect the group as well.
* More Aura skills that focus on the group's protection.
* The class aura skill of the Protector, "Recovery Aura" that increases heal's effects, increase health regen out of combat, and anyone under this aura will gain a chance to recover a % of health when attacked, will gain additional health and mana restoration when attacked, meaning anyone under this buff will recover more health and mana when attacked.
* Gains an additional attack skill at level 55 that reduces target's resistance by 30-45 points and is capable of stacking up to 3 times making them extremely vulnerable to elemental damage.

Marble (Protect) Path:
The wall, the fence, the dam; no enemy shall pass. The path that focus on controlling mobs. (No Primary Elemental Attribute but does offer two talents which increases in physical resistance and defense of self)

* The only path with mass taunt and reduce cooldown for single target taunt and able to generate more hate than the other paths
* Additional effects on single-Protect-Class-Specific AoE skill such as being able to strike more enemies and even longer and stronger slowing effect.
* At level 55, Marble Protectors gain an additional AoE offensive skill that can reduce targets evasion.

"In the darkness, I stand watching. In the shadow's, I'll be waiting"
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Classes: Protectors
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