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  Request: Cooking/Seaven

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PostSubject: Request: Cooking/Seaven   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:27 pm

Hi Everone, Im now takeing in request for Cooking/Seavenger.. If you wish me to make Regen Food Hp/Mp or If you wish to have me brake down your junk lv30/40/50+ Blue or lv40/50 Greens Let me know (I can bank the Mat (for guild) or give them back to you if you wish.)

-Mp Regen Food-
Lv10+ Still working on geting it.
Lv20+ Issih's Brew 135 Mp Ever 5sec -Violet Kepl x4
Lv30+ Desert Water 160 Mp ever 5sec-Gold Vine x4
Lv40+ Moonlight Sweet Wine 200 Mp ever 5sec- Windsong Mum x4

-Hp Regen Food-
Lv10+ Plan Blessing 90 Hp ever 5sec - Wild Rose x4
Lv20+ Issih's Brew 135 Hp ever 5sec -Parchmetn Grass x4
Lv30+ Desert Blessing 190 Hp ever 5sec -Hyacinth x4
Lv40+ Still working on geting it.

I will Update the My Bank info Everday
-Seaverger Bank-

Vyda - 56Vyda - 17
Mylvada -57Mylvada - 18
Tytat - 54Tyata - 15
illyfue - 57illyfue - 5

Im takeing ALL Donation for the bank too

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PostSubject: Re: Request: Cooking/Seaven   Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:24 pm

i can make lunagrant blessing ;o
magic yeast x2
desert rose x4
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Request: Cooking/Seaven
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