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 Achievement Hunting

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PostSubject: Achievement Hunting    Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:03 am

An idea for a new event that will not only bring us closer as a guild but get us nifty items from the game as well.

As you may know this game does involve an achievement system and the more achievements you get the more items you can be rewarded. cheers
Anyone doing an instance run involving unlocking an achievement should know that these runs will purely be for getting what needs to be done completed
So for an example..if FR needs to done in 5 mins there should not be any detours that would delay that from happening

What I suggest a couple times on the weekends is that we do form groups of squads for people that would like to unlock these achievements bounce

I truly hope this idea will help us grow as a guild and get us to know one another Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Hunting    Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:51 am

that soundz like a excellent idea...and will be considered..

I also moved this topic to suggestions since that is what this is...guild event section is stricly for events being hosted Smile

Thank you for the suggestion tho

As Always

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Achievement Hunting
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