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 The Races.

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PostSubject: The Races.   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:17 pm

A human's ability to adapt, potential to learn and charisma have led this race to assume a leadership position amongst all races of Eyrda. After Shyntola was broken, Humans sailed to Ousta with the other races. They are especially close to the Dwarves.

Humans worship the god Vyda, who stands for wisdom and soul. After the birth of the Humans, Vyda put them in a remote western land of Ousta. It seemed that Vyda did not care for the Humans, but in actuality Vyda changed his appearance to walk among the Humans teaching them skills and the art of war. As a result of Vydas' efforts, the Humans inherited his character and creativity. When war breaks out, the Humans are the first to assemble and lead the other races to defeat their foe.

Among the Humans is the great Hossinger Apelio, the creator of the Lionheart Knights and other great legends such at Wote Malong and L'ygch.

The Humans have a history of showing great heroism in dire times, making them the strongest of allies.

Class Options: Warrior, Assassin, Mage and Priest

Racial Skill: Silences, causing dizziness sometimes sleep, restores some mana.

The Kindred were the first race to be created out of love.

The beautiful demi-goddess Shylia, and the noble human Herghevid were the perfect couple in every way. Time however, worked against them. While Herghevid began to age, his ensuing death could not be accepted by Shylia. Therefore she sought a method to keep them together forever, and she found it with the "Mythic Embrace." Shylia performed the Mythic Embrace by pouring her blood, which contained the essence of life, into Herghevid's body, thereby giving him everlasting life. Their offspring were the first of the Kindred race.

The Kindred inherited the characteristics of their ancestors. They are sensitive, delicate and will make great sacrifices for love. One would assume the Humans and Kindred would live among each other, but this is not the case. Some Humans covet the immortality and uniqueness of the Kindred, driving these races apart through jealously. In Eyrda, the Kindred are isolated, but strongly united.

Class Options: Assassin, Mage and Vampire

Racial Skill: Silences and draws HP from enemy.

The Elves represent great beauty. They are the darlings of nature and live deep in the forests filled with majestic trees and clear spring water. Servants of the goddess Illyfue, they inherited Illyfue's manner, therefore they tend to look down upon races who lack their elegance. It is not unknown of their dislike for the Dwarves. In the war of resistance, the Elves and Stonemen formed the Union of the Woods. This Union led them to become close battle companions.

The Elves appear to have it all with their intelligence and beauty, yet they are modest. Their affinities to nature and pious faith to the gods make them fearsome warriors.

Class Options: Warrior, Priest and Bard

Racial Skill: Stops movement of enemy. Drains the mana of enemy.

The Dwarves are the oldest race of Eyrda, and the most technologically advanced. They are short, tough, thick skinned and have infinite stamina. Wielding deft hands and excellent wisdom, mining and blacksmithing are their strong points.

Often looked down upon, Dwarves have mastered machinery to create innovative inventions that give them an advantage in battle. Although magic may be their weakness, a Dwarf is never an easy battle.

In the world of Eyrda, Dwarves are the most industrious race giving them a close connection with the Human race who shares their creativity. The Elves however, scorn the Dwarves.

Class Options: Marksman

Racial Skill: Slows enemy down ( Not so sure here ) skill attack increases depending on speed and/or accuracy.

In the world of Eyrda, the Stonemen represent the strongest and bravest warriors.

Stonemen are a fearless race, proud of their strong bodies and tough skin. When war breaks out, you will see the Stonemen on the front lines. Their giant bodies reassure their allies and boost morale of surrounding troops. Stonemen are not only natural born warriors, but they are experts at blacksmithing. They can craft the deadliest weapons in the world of Eyrda.

The Stonemen race creates a unity with the other races. With the Elves they created the Union of the Woods. The Lionheart Knights of the Humans also joined this Union. The Stonemen and Dwarves worship the same god named Tytan, this creates and inseparable bond between them. It's long been said, "Where there are Stonemen, other races will face no danger." This phrase best explains the relationship the Stonemen have with the inhabitants of Eyrda.

The Stoneman race is entirely male. Every hundred years a special ceremony is held at the stone altar. When the ceremony is finished, the outer layer of the giant altar fades away and gives birth to new Stonemen, who walk the land for the first time.

Class Options: Protector

Racial Skill: Stuns enemy for 3.5 seconds resulting in a gain of 100 HP.

"In the darkness, I stand watching. In the shadow's, I'll be waiting"
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The Races.
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