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 Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules.   Forum Rules. EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 5:12 pm


Welcome to Insight clan forums.
There are a few rules I would like to inform you of before you continue on to posting.

NOTE: Please register for the forums with your in game name so we know who you are.
1. No flaming or Drama threads or posts. If you have a problem with a member please PM them or a admin and work it out or just don't talk to that person.
2. No overly excessive vulgarity or sexuality. Remember you may be of age but not everyone is.
3. (In trade section) Keep in mind this is Guild/Clan when you are trading/selling items so don't scam or over charge. Keep it as a guild price.
4. If you have a problem with a admin/moderator please inform them of your problem with them do not bring it to the forums.
5. No bashing religion, race, gender, sexuality, language, culture, creed of any kind.

NOTE: Remember to have fun and play nice =^.^=

Forum Rules. Nalisigi
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Forum Rules.
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