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 Lv.20 Tragedy and Love

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PostSubject: Lv.20 Tragedy and Love   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:05 pm

Lv.20 Tragedy and Love

1.Talk to Morin pick up the quest

2.Talk to the Teleporter in the same town

3.Port back to the main map and talk to Lian

4.Kill the Vampire Baron at the top of the hill in the cemetary then report back to Lian(there should be a link for the Baron)
5.Go back up the hill, and click the tombstone behind the windmill

6.talk to the npc that spawns, accept the quest then head to maxwell.

7.port back to town and talk to npc Rida and then Hugh

8. Find Marr at Iron Claw

9. port back to town and talk to rida
Reward 12000xp

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Lv.20 Tragedy and Love
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