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 Purfume Quest / Scent of a woman.

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PostSubject: Purfume Quest / Scent of a woman.   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:04 pm

To all the new players now embracing the Socialite part of World Luck quests welcome. Scent of a Woman and Perfumer are two parts of the same quest Perfumer for females and Scent of a Woman for males. Instead of having to scream out in world chat or yell around looking for people with a certain scent and not getting the proper gift. This guide will help you finish the quest on the first try in Forsaken World and should be smooth sailing from then on. You will need to be at least level 20 for this quest.

Prepping a match

Find a character of the opposite gender. Have the female character leading the party it is right next to Henry required in order to get this quest to work. The quests can be received from Rio near Henry and the stairwell exit westward out of town. The female will go to the perfumer near the Lionheart Fortress. The perfumer will give the female a random perfume. DO NOT SELECT WHICH GIFT YOU GET, you will receive this afterward. Inform the Male character which perfume you had acquired.

He will then go to the Ninth District stairway and talk to Lt. Col. Spharan and select the perfume that the female character had informed him about.

Perfume and Gift Exchange

The female character should then as leader meet up with the male at Spharan and use the perfume, while it is not necessary to be right next to the male character it will make the next step easier. The male character will be able to complete the quest and receive a random gift. He should then give the gift to the female character and she will be able to return to the perfumer and select what type of gift she received and turn in the quest.

Both characters have a chance to get random chance to receive an emotes after completion and get socialite experience which will help at later levels for experience quest and books in Forsaken World. This quest is a Daily and should be done often.

{if you received this quest as a world luck and have never done one before. Go to Norchardens in Alemeda Park to turn it in afterward for a large amount of extra experience.

This is GC of Erydaian and I hope this quest guide helps you out.

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Purfume Quest / Scent of a woman.
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