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 Lv.22 After War

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PostSubject: Lv.22 After War   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:04 pm

Lv.22 After War

1. talk to Morin

2. port back to Freedom Harbor and talk to hugh Sutherland
3. Talk to Susan (there should be a link to her)

4. Talk to Wott @ the tavern
5. Go to the secret room in the 9th district, there is an npc standing infront of the door. He will give you a list for the code, the answer is 2nd option and then the next question the 1st option.

6. Kill the 3 bosses then talk to Kevin behind the counter
7. Run back and talk to Susan
8. Then talk to Wott
9. Port to the cemetary and run east along the river and you will see the Lancet Keepers And Robby.

10. Once you kill the lancet keepers talk to Robby
11.Port back and talk to Susan
12.Port to twilight town and check your map, you will see a red dot, that is robby

13.Go back to the main city and Talk to Hugh Sutherland
14.Talk to Susan

Reward 13950 xp

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Lv.22 After War
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