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 Lv.23 Gift

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PostSubject: Lv.23 Gift   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:02 pm

Lv.23 Gift

Note: to make this quest faster, have 3 cods, scissors from the grocer, and 1 lavender)

1.Starter NPC Annie (she's infront of a tomb stone)

2.Go to Susan and ask for puppet

3.Go to grocer and buy Scissors (2nd Tab)

4.Go back to susan and wait for her to craft the puppets.
5.Go to Annie and give the puppet
6.Go to the Lake in Freedom Harbor and keep killing crabs until the gem drops

7.Hand the Gem into Annie
8.Go Back to the shore of the desert and fish 3 cods, or buy them off other players. (Note: you will need lvl 2 fishing to fish cod)
9.Gather 1 lavender and go back to annie (lvl1 gather skill, you can find lavender outside freedom harbor, it's the purple plant)

Reward: 11k xp

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Lv.23 Gift
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