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 Lv.25 Werewolf's Plan

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PostSubject: Lv.25 Werewolf's Plan   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:00 pm

Lv.25 Werewolf's Plan

1.talk to morin

2.talk to gronny

3.Find the werewolf at bloodclaw encampment and give him bottle of blood

4.he will transform into a human, then talk to him again
5.go back to Gronny
6.talk to general sutherland
7.talk to christopher
8.Find Jacob (he's right outside the monestary)

9.talk to Andrew (The priest in the monestary)

Reward 14k XP and 10 crystal

This will unlock another quest

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Lv.25 Werewolf's Plan
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