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 Lv.25 The Undercurrent

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PostSubject: Lv.25 The Undercurrent   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:57 pm

Lv.25 The Undercurrent

1.talk to Sutherland
2.go to tavern talk to wott
3.Talk to Luia, she will give you potion
4.Right click the potion, the go to pirate leader john

5.Talk to general sutherland
6.Go into the front door of the Villa, there will be a shiny thing to the right, click it, you will get infected.

7.Port to Andrew since hes the only one who can cure illness from special qeusts
8.Find the priestess on the cliff on the other side of the monestary

9.Talk to her again
10.Go back to Jacob again, he down the cliff of the monestary (check #8 pic of werewolf quest above)
11.A scene will appear watch it to the end.
12. port back to town and report to general sutherland
Reward:19k xp and special crystal

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Lv.25 The Undercurrent
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