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 Lv.28 The Missing Soldier

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PostSubject: Lv.28 The Missing Soldier   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:55 pm

Lv.28 The Missing Soldier

Note: To make this quest faster have 10 hyacinths, 1 glass flask lvl4, and 3 mercury ore

1.Talk to Teemer

2. Talk with Muller

3.find the npc in the half moon oasis to the left

4.Go to the grocer in town to buy the supplies

5.Go back to the npc at oasis
6.Do what he says till you get to the part where he tells you to find the librarian to the north west

7. Bring the librarian the following materials,10 hyacinths(purple flowers you can gather in the desert with lvl 3 gathering), glass flask lvl 4 (which you can buy from the alchemy tutor in freedom harbor), and 3 mercury ore (which i bought from another player)
8. wait for him to craft you the item
9.Once you get the potion run back to the half moon oasis and talk to murren
10.Find the chained demon and kill it, he patrols in a line like the picture below

Reward: 27k xp

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Lv.28 The Missing Soldier
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