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 Nightmare Carnival

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PostSubject: Nightmare Carnival   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:43 pm

Nightmare Carnival
Level 15

To enter this instance you need to be in a party of 3+ people and everyone has to be level 15+. Also, this instance is only open from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm.
When you enter the instance you will be in an empty room other than an NPC and a portal. Run through the portal.
The next room will look like this:

Talk to the NPC to accept the quest first. Then get across the room by staying in the white circle. The green area deals damage every second or so and the circle heals less often but for much higher amounts. Talk to the NPC on the other side of the room to accept your reward and go through the portal.
The next room looks like this:

In this room you have to do what Saidas wants. If he calls out your name he will tell you what skill he wants you to use and on which Strawman he wants it used on. He will do this a few times in a row. Use the same skill for all of them. Accept your rewardand move through the portal when he is done.
The next room looks like this:

Vigter will tell you what weight he wants in each circle. Protectors=3, dwarves=1, hobgoblins=1, everyone else=2. You can kill Hobglins to adjust the weight. Teamwork is essential here and everyone has to know what they are doing since you only have around 10 seconds to assemble. Accept your reward and move to the next room.
The last room looks like this:

The goal here is to collect as many Antiques as you can in the allocated time. Fireflies will sometimes spawn and hit you and interrupt your digging and Meid himself will hinder you with slow spells. When the time is up collect your reward and exit.
Reward: Game Tokens

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Nightmare Carnival
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