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 God's Trial

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PostSubject: God's Trial   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:38 pm

God’s Trial

(Level 20+ Experience Instance)

Dungeon runs are an extremely important part of Forsaken World. Some reward you with gear and others with money. God’s Trial rewards you with experience and lots of it. As usual, you can enter this instance by either starting your own party, or applying for a random party by pressing ‘T’ and choosing God’s Trial.

Before you enter God’s Trial (or GT as it will be known from now on), make sure you have an experience scroll in your inventory, to double the amount of experience you receive when you are inside. Once inside, an NPC will talk for a while about the rules etc. If it is your first time in GT then you should have picked up a quest before entering. Speak to the NPC to activate it.

Once the talking is over, 6 pillars will appear around the edges of the room (earth, wind, fire, water, light and dark). Each pillar is being attacked by mobs, and it is the job of your party to kill 20 of each mob before they destroy the pillars they are attacking (a health bar will show you how close the pillar is to being destroyed). Assuming you have a full party of 6 and nobody drops out or disconnects, you can either take a pillar each, or split into teams of two. The problem with the pillar-each approach is that some low-damage players (priests for instance) may find that they can’t kill enough mobs before their pillar is destroyed.

Once all the mobs around a pillar are destroyed, the pillar will move near to the centre of the room and you can move on to another pillar. As more pillars are saved, more and more vortexes will appear that can drain HP or MP. They don’t do an awful lot of damage, however, and it is easy enough to move away from one that appears nearby.

Once all pillars are saved, the boss will rise out of the floor in the centre of the room. Deal with him like any other boss and your reward will be a gem. The usual dice roll will decide who wins the reward.

You’re done! Come back at the same time tomorrow and do it again! At lower levels you’ll find yourself levelling at least once per run. At later levels (30+), you probably won’t level up, but you’ll get a massive Exp boost, which would have taken hours and hours of questing to achieve!

Things to Remember:

◦Make sure your pet is summoned. It will gain experience at the same speed as you. If you have recently hatched a new level 1 pet, taking it into GT is a perfect way to rapidly level it. A level 1 pet will gain about 25 levels in its first GT run!
◦Experience scrolls, experience scrolls, experience scrolls. Seriously, experience scrolls.
◦If you have any frozen Exp Aid, unfreeze it, because that will increase your Exp gain even more. It’s all about the experience, so do everything you can to maximize your gains!
◦If you choose the three-teams-of-two approach, make sure that the split is fair. Make sure a priest is teamed with a DoT and not another priest!

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God's Trial
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