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 Classes. Warriors

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PostSubject: Classes. Warriors   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:29 pm

Weapon of choice: Giant 2 handed swords.

The greatest of the human kings, Hossinger Apelio, was known not only as wise and just ruler, but also as a terror on the battlefield. Enemies would panic at the sight of the legendary sword he wielded. Many great enemies fell to his blade, so many in fact, that later Warriors would wield a sword in honor of that king.

Warriors make up the vanguard of any group. They are known to lead many groups into battle with strength and valor. Their exceptional fighting ability, coupled with their fiery courage, gives their allies an edge in any group battle. A Warrior's decisiveness and mastery of tactics can bolster the group's morale, often deciding the outcome of the battle.

These Skills are from lvl 1-40

Fierce Attack - Basic skill. Deal 100% basic damage with additional bonus damage.

Rush - Rush towards target enemy, stunning him for 3 seconds. Chance to activate a buff which will cause no cool-down for "Fierce Attack" for a short time. "Rush" cannot be used on nearby targets.

Berserk Stance - Increases attack, decreases dodge and defense. The rest of the details are slightly confusing, but character will have a chance to get certain debuff if "Berserk Stance" is switched. Can be used when in Silenced of Stunned mode.

Lightning Slash - Wind element attack. Gives target enemy 2 strikes, with the 1st strike dealing 100% basic damage with additional bonus damage, and the 2nd strike have a chance to decrease target's movement speed by 50%. Skill's cool-down will decrease and chance to lower movement speed will increase when in "Berserk Stance".

Iron Physique - Passive skill. Increases health points.

War Song - For a certain time, increases party members'... I got no idea what it is =.=''', I think its every stats of party members.

Demon Slaying Slash - Deals 100% basic damage with additional bonus damage, decreases target's Wind resistance for 12 seconds (this skill is neutral element). Cool-down for this skill decreases and will also cause target to decrease defense when in "Battle Stance".

Battle Stance - Increases defense, decreases attack. Same as "Berserk Stance", character will suffer debuff when this stance is switched. Can be used when in Silenced of Stunned mode.

Wild Strength - Passive skill. Increases basic damage.

Blessing of the War God - Increases defense, critical damage, critical rate. Rate of increment increases when player's health point is below 50%. The lower the health point, the more increment there is for defense. Can be used when in Silenced of Stunned mode.

Blood Fury Stance - Increases base health point, decreases defense. Same as other stances, will suffer debuff when this stance is switched. Can be used when in Silenced of Stunned mode.

Bloodthirsty Slash - Deals 100% basic damage with additional bonus damage and leeches health points. When used during "Blood Fury Stance", skill's distance and health points leeched will increase.

Sudden Rush - Increase character's movement speed for a limited time.

Mighty Roar - Decreases surrounding enemies' dodge, defense and movement speed. Also cancels away enemies' stealth mode.

Shining Blood Slash - Deals 90% basic damage with additional bonus damage.Chance to cause "Bleeding" status on target. Chance increases when used under "Blood Fury Stance".

Gut Wrenching Roar - Decreases surrounding enemies' attacks and critical, cancels away enemies' stealth mode.

"In the darkness, I stand watching. In the shadow's, I'll be waiting"
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Classes. Warriors
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