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PostSubject: Lighthouse   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:27 pm

hat binds the use of skill attacks, but it doesn't last very long.
[Guide] Lighthouse Instance

Lighthouse lv.30 Instance.

Drops the 4 pieces blue lvl 30 sets, and lvl 30 blue helms and lvl 30 blue weapons.
Map of Light House

When you port in exit the door and take a diagonal to the right, and run to the farm. you can find an opening to avoid all the mobs to the farm but no worries, pulling 1 or 2 wont make a big difference.

Clear the mobs in the farm, don't forget to kill the pirate gangs, they look like npcs, but they are not.

Up the hill you will be able to pull the boss down to the farm, this boss patrols up the path ahead, so you might have to wait a minute before the boss comes back down. Or you can fight the boss between the trees, up to you. He does an aoe attack t

Run down the path as indicated and hug the right wall.

you will see stairs ahead, run up the stairs, then jump off platform and run up the hill hugging the right side.

at the top of the hill you will see a rock to the left, get on the rock and move your character slowly to the tip of it, and the mobs will reset. Do not panic they will reset fast enough.

Jump down the rock hugging the right wall still and fighting your way through

Once you jump down for the second time there will be a cave to the right. fight your way through the cave until you reach the exit. there is only one way to go, it is impossible to get lost in there.

When you reach the exit take a right, hugging the right wall. At this point you will see a beack, there are high lvl agressive crabs along the beach, so it's best to avoid the shore as much as possible.

you willrun into a hill, at this point there are two ways you can go, you can go straight and avoid all the mobs and just kill a seige weapon (Seige weapons shoot aoe cannons, when you see them you need to take them out, you can 1 hit them), or you can go left of the hill and fight your way to the island and pirate ship.

When the Island is cleared, you can start the boss. The boss does an aoe bleeding attack that does 100 dmg per tick and lasts 13 seconds, if you are not far enough away from the boss when 1 second is left he will cast it again giving you a second stack doing 200 dmg per tick and it will continue, so far i had up to 9 stacks on me doing 900 per tick. The way to avoid wiping, one person will tank the boss on one side of the island while the party stands on the plank doing ranged attacks, and depending on the person tanking once they get hit with the 3rd or 4th stack of bleed they run the other other side of the island or in a circle around the island until it wares off completely then jump right back on the boss and let the bleed stack up to 3 or 4. Sometime the tank will have to swim in the water for more distance away from the boss so it's best the priest is at the bottom of the plank for more range. It's also a good idea to tell your party not to spam attacks with the tank is running off the bleed.

After you kill the boss, you have the choice to skip an optional boss or go to the tower where the exit awaits. I will explain the optional part later.
Run along the beach taking out the seige weapons. make sure not to run to close to the water as there are agressive crab along the waterline. Run until you can see the tower face on, you will not have to fight the mobs, just push your toon through the door and through the elevator you will see to your left and all the mobs will reset.

fight your way up the stairs and clear the mobs on the roof of the tower. don't forget the patrol that walks in and out of the room.

Once the roof is cleared you can pull the bosses out of the room infront without agroing the other mobs inside. You will want to kill the woman first make sure she is far away from the priest in your party if you have one, she has an pretty strong aoe attack. I also hear there is a way to pull one boss at a time. But if you bring pots there shouldn't be a problem offtanking the second boss.

Now that you've killed the bosses, you wont need to clear any mobs, just run in the room up the stairs to the right, once you exit the room run up the stairs one more time and you will see a doorway and a set of stairs, run through the doorway and you will see an elevator to the right, push your toon through there and the mobs will reset.

This bos is fairly simple, he will spawn 2 mobs at a time, you don't need to kill them, they will die on their own, just need to offtank them, when the boss spawns the 3rd mob, the 1st mob will always die. This boss also does a aoe water attack, but you can heal through it or pot through it, it's not that strong. Make sure not to tank him near the elevator, as he will reset if you push through accidently.

Optional Boss Once you killed the Boss on the pirate ship, run south killing the seige weapons until you are against the wall, then run along the wall fighting your way to the cave entrance to the east. once you enter the cave fight your way to the end, where you will see a curved ramp, run up the ramp killing all the mobs along the way, then defeat the boss. I haven't noticed this boss doing any special attacks or even any aoes.


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