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PostSubject: ALL Titles   ALL Titles EmptyFri Apr 15, 2011 6:57 am

Had some fun today, rifling through the files ....

Found all the titles and have listed them here for you.


There's LOADS!

Quote :
Rotulor Bannerman - Your name is on the banner - Complete [Rotulor Night] Achievment Set
Emperor's Vanguard - You can't ever be stopped - Complete [Valley Of Oblivion] Achievement Set
Lighthouse Sentinel - You are the guide for all - Complete [Grieving Lighthouse] Achievement Set
Welkin Watcher - Waiting is all you got - Complete [Heaven of Fate] Achievement Set
Gladiator - Even god of war would keep you in mind - Complete [Soul of War] Achievement Set
Friend of Creekbank - Creekbank Valley is in your mind - Complete [Creekbank's Pal] Achievement
Bomb Disposal Expert - You protected Freedom Harbor from being blown up by the Storm Legion
Herald of Justice - Time doesn't just keep the sins but also heroes
Kalaires Hunter - Defeated all demons at Kalaires Plain successfully - Complete [Lv20 Demon Hunt] Achievement
Desert Hunter - Successful defeat against demons of Sea of Oblivion - Complete [Lv30 Demon Hunt] Achievement
Adv. Desert Hunter - Defeated demons at Sea of Oblivion successfully - Complete [Lv40 Demon Hunt] Achievement
Pets Lover - Pets love you - Complete [Pet Lover] Achievement
Trial Beginner - Beginner Test at Trial - Complete [Trial Beginner] Achievement
Trial Participator - Intermediate Test at Trial - Complete [Trial Participator] Achievement
Trial Model - Pre-Intermediate Test at Trial - Complete [Trial Model] Achievement
Trial Expert - Expert at God's Trial - Complete [Trial Expert] Achievement
Queen's Guardian - Yes! My Queen! My fate and only mission
Deputy of Prophecy - Be a good listener for God also a good helper
Societal Fledgling - Understanding of basic social skills.Freshman in society.
Skillful Negotiator - Good at persuasion.You successfully persuade almost anyone.
Psychologist - Words are your weapon.You outwit opponents.
Wordsmith - Your negotiation skills are unmatched
Interrogator - You get to the truth.
Language Master - Doing in your own way in language's power.
Judge of Culpability - Good or bad is up to your word.
Power of Speeches - You own the power of language.
The Exemplar - You own the respect from others.
Living Legend - No doubt in society you are a legend.
Great Seer - Your words will come true.
Homeland Shield - Protector of Aurora Count,protect Aurora County as you swore.
Adult Dwarf - After completing the ceremony you're considered an adult Dwarf.
A Pious Heart - After getting back Goddess of Moon's Crystal you'll get blessing from High Priest.
Heir of the Blood - After the awake of Demono Bat Lord's power you'll be a real Kindred.
Lenasha Guardian -
New Protector - The Solar God is your guide,may you recieve his blessing.
Deceiver - A person who always breaks the promises.
Minion of Gluttony - A person who always steals food and eats secretly.
Servant of Money - A person who has no immunity for money.
Immoralist - A person with all kinds of foul and sinister behaviors.
Puzzle Master - A master of all riddles
Excellent Orator - With good manners and good speech
Mind Reader - Capable of reading the deepest thoughts of others.
Forest Hunter - Successfully defeated demons at Forest area - Complete [Lv50 Demon Hunt]Achievement
XXXXXXXXXX - Successfully defeated demons at Forest and Wilderness Area - Complete [Lv60 Demon Hunt] Achievement
Light of Lenasha - No mercy at this nation of God and Evil No tears in your own nation
Hatred Creator - Do you need a reason to hate? Let me help you.
The Valor - You're approved as a real warrior.
Lionheart Navy - Private - Military rank of Lionheart Navy
Lionheart Navy - Corporal -
Lionheart Navy - Sergeant -
Lionheart Navy - Lieutenant -
Lionheart Navy - Captain -
Lionheart Navy - Major -
Lionheart Navy - Colonel -
Specific Merchant - Being a special merchant,special in mind.
Expert Merchant - Normal people will never understand your different thoughts
Dawning Light - - Gain 20 Achievements
Admirable Adventurer - - Gain 60 Achievements
A Rising Star - - Gain 100 Achievements
Sebestimated - WTH does this even mean!?
World Shaper - Participant of Closed Beta
Treasure Hunter - Wealth is your motivation!You are a qualified hunter!
Deft Catcher - Nothing escapes your catch however tiny and fast it can be.
Perfectionist - Having finished Freedom Harbor Life quests for 100 times within a week.
Absolute Perfectionist - Having finished Freedom Harbor Life quests for 210 times within a week and accomplished the perfect life trainings.
Liberalist - Having failed Freedom Harbor Life quests for 5 times within a day.
Free Life Lucky Dog - Acquired by chance upon finishing the 10th Freedom Harbor Life quest of the day
Free Life Luck Harbinger -
Free Life Luck Summoner -
Sleeping Jungle Hunter - You have defeated monsters of the jungle area.Acquired by attaining LV70 Demon Hunt achievement
Sleeping Jungle Peacekeeper - You have defeated monsters of the jungle area.Acquired by attaining LV80 Demon Hunt achievement
Light of Crystal - A hallowed title given to the true hero.Given as a final achievement of event Eternal Faith
Porudock - You are surely fast - Acquired by procuring 40 antiques
Porudock II - Can you be even faster? - Acquired by procuring 50 antiques
Porudock VI + VIII - Can't be faster- Acquired by procuring 60 antiques
Seminar Apprentice - Obtaining this book means you have started your first step in the journey of knowledge.
Flame Wielder - You manoeuvre the flames as your own limbs
Sealer of Fire - Fire never matters.
Controller of Waves - Rivers would flow as how you wish.
Tide Bender - Tide cannot harm you
Wind Dancer - You enjoy the dance with the wind
Staller of Wind - The wind stops in front of you.
Mountain Bearer - Your excellent Earth element mastery makes you a part of the land.
Rock Breaker - Rocks are too feeble for you.
Harbinger of Light - Shining like the stars.
Light Devourer - The force that stops the light.
Darkness Dweller - No where is better than the dark.
Darkness Dispeller - Let the shadow beneath your feet fade into nothingness.
Exemplar of Power - Your physical power mastery makes you unstoppable.
Blade Smasher - Physical attacks are too weak to you.
Fire Conjurer - Your knowledge on fire element is unmatched
Ender of Heat - You are the one who the fire fears.
Wave Controler - A good friend of Ocean of Hope.
Tide Breaker - Everything of water element frowns when facing you.
Wind Rider - The wind is what you travel with.
Wind Traper - The howling wind kneels down before you.
Child of Earth - You are the child loved by the land
Land Cracker - Ripping the land open is no harder than breathing.
Herald of Radiance - Brilliance is what you give.
Light Gnawer - The aurora is just a piece of cake.
Cenobite of Darkness - Darkness is the way you meditate.
Darkness Melter - The night will retreat,giving place to the advent of dawn.
Sovereignty of Power - A wood club is capable of serving as your deadly weapon.
Blade Cracker - Physical attack is just a big fat joke.
Pyro Artist - You don't need to command the fire any more.Flames serve you as their master.
Frozen Stasis - Flames? What are flames?
Dominator of Ocean - You are the reason of tsunamis
Saboteur of Water - Even the gods cannot defeat you with the power of water.
Storm Manipulator - People will see you, the architect of wind, if only they have the chance to enter the core of the storm.
Storm Tamer -The storm crouches at your feet as a kitten
Paragon of Earth - Mountains will rise upon your command
Discord of Land - You are the fear that haunts the land.
Light Channeler - You are the sun.
Black Hole - Even the sun gives way to you.
Total Darkness - Darkness is your soul.
Purger of Darkness - You remove the darkness deep in the spirits of all.
Ultimate Force - The ignorant recognize your finger as the devastating sword.
Power Expunger -Committing suicide is much better than offensing you.
Kluer's Master - From the Kluer event.At this moment, you take control over Kluer's soul.
Endeavoring Spirit - - Gain 140 achievements
Legendary Paragon - - Gain 180 achievements
True Marvel - - Gain 220 achievements
Unveiling Hand - No secret escapes this searching hand
Treasure Hunter - Traveling all around the word for treasures
Rose Delivery - Roses are the symbol of love.Deliver your love with no delays.
Dream Guide - Trust in dreams,choose Dream drinks
Dream Conductor - Dream drinks,a trusted brand
Desert Gastronome - A gastronome that never lose her/his job
Lunargrant Gastronome -
Gloomy Gastronome -
Golden Fishing Pole - You are the Lifetime Achievement Honorary Champion of Fishing Contest
Shiny and Shimmery - You too can have beautiful glory
Star of Luck - Goddess of Luck says:You are the one.
Star of Wealth - God Mercury says:It's hard to keep making money
Star of Charisma - Goddess of Love says: Please speak the love out loud
Star of Perfection - God of Perfection says:Pursuing perfection is the right of everyone.
Star of Freedom Harbor - Owning the stars of luck, wealth,and perfection, you become the brightest star of Eyrda.
Predator - You will be a battlefield legend
Quick Draw - Aren't you a fast one?
Royal Flush - Someone up there really likes you.
Raptorex Crystal Champion - Master of the mighty Raptorex. Tytan's gift to the powerful.
Wealth Master - From the event Master Challenges
Achievement Master - From the event Master Challenges.You acquired more achievements than anyone else during the first 7 days
Enhancement Master - From the event Master Challenges.You had the most gear enhancements during the first 7 days
Job Master - From the event Master Challenges.You had the highest Job level during the first 7 days
Chief Detective - From the event Debuggers.You have acquired the gold badge.
Detective NO.1 - From the event Debuggers.You had the 1st place in debugger rankings
Detective NO.2 - From the event Debuggers.You had the 2nd place in debugger rankings
Detective NO.3 - From the event Debuggers.You had the 3rd place in debugger rankings
Witness of Wonder - From the Epic Wonder event. You are the witness of the world itself
Boot Camp Spokesman - A typical mentor for the new.
Boot Camp Commander - Those who were mentored by you have become the new hope of this world.
Pioneer of Eyrda - One of the very first to experience Forsaken World
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ALL Titles
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